Our Story

Complexity of law often puzzles and confuses people. Many prefer to give up on their legal rights rather than decode their legal position and claim their rights. They shy away from seeking professional legal advice due to scarcity of time, lack of information about finding a suitable lawyer or because of the perceived high costs of good quality legal advice. As a result, despite having laws which protect an individual's rights, there is a reluctant but muted acceptance of an undesirable legal situation. At MyLegalWork we are working hard to change this, we have brought people with unique competencies like law, technology, design and operation to create legal a better and easier experience for everyone. We use technology to create systems which make legal work more transparent and quicker, we use design principles to build an easy to use interface with least amount of hurdles for everyone, we used operational efficiency methods to guarantee the legal work done in the the most efficient way and finally we used knowledge of law from our partners to make sure everyone decode their legal position and claim their rights.

Our Team

Aniket Parab

Technology : BE (Mumbai University)

Ankit Shukla

Technology : B.Tech (IIIT-Gwalior), MBA (IIIT-Gwalior)

Arpita Dubbula

Operations : B.Com. (Mumbai University), LL.B. (Mumbai University), CS (ICSI), MBL (NLS, Banglore)

Khadeeja Khalil

Content : BLS (Mumbai University)

Kunal Buchunde

Marketing B.Tech(VJTI), PGDM(IIM-B)

Manish Acharya

Operations : B.Com. (Mumbai University), LL.B. (GLC-Mumbai), CS (ICSI), MBA (ISB, Hyderabad)

Najma Shaikh

Operations : B.Com. (Mumbai University), LL.B. (GLC-Mumbai)


Operation : B.Com.(Mumbai University)

Swapnil Vispute

Technology: BE (Mumbai University)

Vishal Khemani

Strategy : B.Com. (Mumbai University)

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