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How we work

We are a tech-driven debt collection agency, active since 2016. We provide a fully-managed collection service - we take care of the entire collection process - from sending initial reminders to enforcing recovery through litigation if needed.

Collecting overdue accounts is often a sensitive issue - our operating process ensures a firm yet professional approach. To the most extent possible, we adopt an approach that does not impact the business relationship between our client and its debtor.

All assignments are managed by a qualified lawyer. Our approach is entirely business-oriented and focussed on an early resolution. A matter is typically referred to an amicable resolution process, for a period of about 30 days. In the event that the debt cannot be collected through discussions, we may advise our clients to consider legal action by way of calling for an arbitration, filing of legal suits, lodging of police complaints, filing of winding-up petitions, etc. Our turnaround time of escalation from amicable efforts to legal action is as less as a few days.

Unlike conventional collection firms, we use proprietary technology and analytics. Every communication that we have with debtors on the behalf of our clients is well-documented. This information - which includes call recordings, details of personal visits, copies of notices served, feedback received from debtors, etc. - is provided to the client as a part of our periodic reports. Our clients are kept abreast of the progress of our collection efforts, and we suggest settlement frameworks wherever possible to reach an early conclusion of the mandates. Should a matter require the intervention of the court, we engage appropriate third-party lawyers and monitor the development of the matter through our workforce management systems.

Our pricing philosophy is simple: we get paid only when the recovery occurs, and not otherwise. This structure aligns our interests with those of our clients.

Our Team

Our team comprises lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, and technologists. Read more about the people behind MyLegalWork below.

Ankit Shukla

Technology : B.Tech (IIIT-Gwalior), MBA (IIIT-Gwalior)

Arpita Dubbula

Operations : B.Com. (Mumbai University), LL.B. (Mumbai University), CS (ICSI), MBL (NLS, Banglore)

Clinton Dsouza

Operations : B.Com. (Mumbai University)

Kunal Buchunde

Marketing B.Tech (VJTI), PGDM (IIM-B)

Manish Acharya

Operations : B.Com. (Mumbai University), LL.B. (GLC-Mumbai), CS (ICSI), MBA (ISB, Hyderabad)

Vishal Khemani

Strategy : B.Com. (Mumbai University)

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