How to Send or Respond to a Legal Notice in India

How to Send or Respond to a Legal Notice in India

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Posted on: 21st Feb, 2017

Legal Notices are a formal means of communication sent by the aggrieved party before they file for legal action. Legal notices thus, just communicate the facts and the grievances of the aggrieved party to the other side and allow room for amicable settlement of the dispute.


Sending a Legal Notice

If you want to send a legal notice, then it is beneficial to do it through an experienced lawyer. If in case, you do want to take legal action after sending the notice, it will be detrimental if your legal notice has words or language which point at you in an unfavourable manner.

A drafting expert will go through the facts and circumstances specific to your case and then create a document which will clearly state the reason for sending the notice and what the other party can do to rectify your grievances.

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Receiving a Legal Notice

If you have received a legal notice, then you can converse with the aggrieved party and try to sort out the matter amicably.

If the legal notice contains such facts or circumstances which you know not to be true or there are a set of facts which have been skipped, then you need to respond to the legal notice.

An expert lawyer will go through the notice you have received and draft a proper reply to it as per the true facts. Such a notice will also include what you or the other party can do to resolve the issue at hand.

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The exchange of legal notices can lead to litigations/suits in the future where legal notices are brought in as evidence. If the notice has faults then the case can go in the favor of the other party. Make sure that a senior legal expert is responsible for drafting your legal notice so that no issue arises.

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