How to get a Divorce in India

How to get a Divorce in India

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Posted on: 15th Feb, 2017

Do you feel like your spouse doesn’t care about you or your feelings?

Are there many late nights for either of you?

Is your husband/wife mentally or physically abusive?

Do you always have complaints about your spouse?

Do you have more disagreements than agreements?

Do you find reasons to avoid your spouse?


If most of your answers to the questions are yes, then you are on the route for a divorce.

MyLegalWork suggests that you and your spouse have a sit-down discussion on where your marriage is heading and why; and try to figure out a way to make things work better.

A marriage is supposed to be a healthy and satisfying relationship. If even after putting efforts at reviving the relationship, you feel like your marriage is at an end, then both of you must look at the divorce options available to you. In India there are two ways of acquiring a divorce, mutual consent divorce and contested divorce.

As the name explains itself, mutual consent divorce means a divorce where both parties agree for the divorce. If you and your spouse mutually agree to part ways, then you both can opt in for Mutual Consent divorce. For a complete procedure for Mutual Consent divorce in India, click here.

If your spouse does not agree to getting a divorce, and you feel that you cannot stay in the marriage, then you must follow the divorce procedure under Contested divorce. For a complete guide to Contested divorce in India, click here.

Do not worry. Divorce is just a procedure under law, what is important is that you get closure on your relationship and move on.

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