Getting Started with freelancing with or without any prior experience : The Hows and Whys of freelancing

Getting Started with freelancing with or without any prior experience : The Hows and Whys of freelancing

Author : MyLegalWork Staff

Posted on: 23rd Oct, 2017

If working 9 to 5 is too mundane for you, or you are not the type of person who can work under a nagging boss and laugh at his poor jokes, or well if you think you’re better off at your own way, then here’s the thing for you— freelance. Freelancing is nothing new; you already know it, it’s the same old thing packaged up for you in a new fancy wrapper of #intrend. Freelancing is not just the escape mechanism from your dull, boring jobs but even a creative space to add to your life. You can work part time as a designer or a content writer while doing your analyst job, it’s a great way to start from the basics and explore on to the fullest, foster new interests, develop hobbies and becoming self reliant; working full time doing what you love.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing means working on your own, creating your own brand, where you’ll be the boss managing every decision, guiding and shaping your career the way you wish, picking up your projects that excite you and ones where you can give your best and present excellent high-quality work. Though, it sounds easy but it isn’t that. You might be thinking what can be worse than working 9 to 5 — working all day. Believe it or not, it will take all of your time, in planning things, putting things in order, publicizing your brand, being available and accessible at the right time.  Freelancing isn’t a cake walk, till the time things fall in right place.

Why do people do freelancing?

There is always a hobby or an interest which we keep it on a hold for a very long time, and don’t get time or motivation to move ahead with it. Freelancing is such a field for you, which will give you an opportunity to even spend time on what you love doing the most.  To explore options or add creativity to the mundane routine, it’s great to do what you love or what excites you.  

“Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.” — Kahlil Gibran

I think he exactly what human soul requires for staying in proper order.

There also might be times when you’re frustrated by taking orders of your under qualified manager and feel that you deserve to do work which qualifies in quality. There may be times when you’re bored of your present job and want to do something which excites you or inspire you or simply you want to make the table turn your way or the way you like.

Simple story — a friend of mine left his well-paying job of data scientist because he felt the job was too pressurizing for him and he didn’t want to work for so long hours. He left his job, started cooking and soon started operating a tiffin service and late night food delivery service. Very soon, he earned enough to buy himself a restaurant.

There is no well-defined list of why people choose to freelance, it could be anything, what matters is what you do when you decide to freelance, how you plan on it. Freelancing is not about sitting in your air conditioned bedroom with your pajamas on, a laptop and smuggling down chips in your throat. It’s multitasking job, it just doesn’t require you to do, the main work but do all others too, you’re the one man army who has to manage contracts with clients, talk to clients, plan, research, and find further clients.

If you yet have second thoughts or think you would be the only one who will land up without a job, then check out these numbers once. According to survey conducted by Forbes, in the year 2014, there were about 53.7 million freelancers in the United States, which constitute 35% of the total population and they earned a total of $ 1 trillion and the statistics even show 14% people in United Kingdom are successful freelancers.

Plus points of freelancing:

Most of the people are attracted to freelancing because it usually a zero investment game, surely it won’t reap you benefits from day one, but it also won’t incur you loses. So basically, if you don’t get gains, it simply becomes a zero sum game for you and nothing worse than that.   

How to start freelancing?

Freelancing for Students :

Freelancing is for all. It doesn’t come up with an age barrier or talk about some minimum age. If you’re student and planning to freelance, it has its own benefits. No one is relying on your income, as in you don’t have any responsibilities which give you the agency to act without restraint. But the problem is, people are bound to not take you seriously if you’re planning something serious and you also might lack wisdom.   

  1. Freelancing  for students is an opportunity as it will help you  in profile building and give you exposure to work and will teach you how to the basic yet important and essential things — portfolio showcase,  presentation making, the perfect way of research or approaching towards things.
  2. If you’re thinking of writing or say photography, be good in your work and know about the presentation skills. A dull or mundane piece of work even looks better when presented in a proper manner.
  3. If you're into content management, know about basic things like alignment, not having grammatical mistakes or choosing an informal language or if you're making a marketing presentation for your client, understand the theme behind the presentation and stick to that, don't add too many colours or experiment with fonts. Caution, don't make it dull, experiment a little.
  4. Start by searching for a client to work, nowadays it’s easy to search for freelancing projects with various websites like Internshala, Letsintern, Indeed and many more. You even have an option of showcasing your work on websites like or Behance and the work is presented to the employers/ client and they approach if they are interested in your work.

Freelancing for part-time workers :

  1. Being a part time worker would mean that the employers/ client expect you to dedicate more work hours in the work and expect a bit of experience from your side.
  2. Part time freelancing would mean doing photography with your analyst job. If you’ve decided to start to freelance, then the idea is to work on it and make that idea a success. Success would not mean going from part time to full time but it can also mean giving your both passions a chance. Your success in the work will boost up your confidence and give you wings to dream and will be your pushing factor.
  3. It surely looks good on your CV and builds up your profile and presents a positive image of yours.
  4. Before you start with your freelancing work, just go once again through your contract of your existing work office and check it properly to ensure that your office does not prohibit you from working somewhere else in your free time.  
  5. To search for work, you can contact your colleagues if they know someone how to get into the work area or if need your services. You can even start by advertising about your work in newspapers or on social media platforms or websites like or behance.

Freelancing full time :

  1. Rule number one, do not skip your regular rent paying job, just because you think you’ll be able to excel in freelancing. Prefer starting with part time freelancing and move step by step. If you directly want to jump into full time, then take your risks but be sure at first place.
  2. Just because you dropped off your regular job doesn’t mean you’ve got no strings attached to that place.  Your colleagues can still yet be helpful in helping you out or getting you clients.
  3. Make sure you build up a great CV and present yourself as a person who is passionate towards works and will put in all energy to make that a success.

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