Schools deny proper toilets for girl students

I recently went on a field trip to vasai and i visited a goverment run school. We interacted with the children there for sometime. I had to use the washroom when i was there so i asked where it was. I was told that there was only one toilet for the children that was used by the boys and the girls went to a small temporary toilet at the back of the school. The toilet at the back was filthy and very unhygenic. I went to the principle to complain and she said that they did not have enough funds to make a new toilets for the girls. In a country where girls are denied education, if parents agree to send their girls to school they are met with such low standards. How can i help those little girls?

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Firstly you make all this conversation on paper and write a letter to all authorities asking for reply in 15 days that why this facilities has not been provided to them then you can file a writ petition or PIL

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