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Dealer forcing to sell my property after a call where I discussed deal

Can a deal for selling my property in Neemrana and complaint against me in the Police Station happen with just my telephonic discussion with the property dealer? I booked a flat in Neemrana 2 years back. I wanted to sell it off 6 to 7 months back for and the property consultant did the deal on his own and took an advance from the party as well. I told him I did not want to do the deal as it happened without my consent.

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Any property dealer can act only in the capacity of an agent while conducting such deals. Unless an Irrevocable Power of Attorney was executed in his favour permitting him to conduct the sale on your behalf. In such a case the sale would be binding on you too. If not, no deal/sale made solely by the agent can said to be binding upon you unless conducted with your express permission. There can thus be no question of any complaint/demand against you by the prospect buyer. This would be a matter of dispute between the dealer and his client/prospect buyer.

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