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How should my company respond to a consumer complaint and defend against consumer case?

Hi, we have received a consumer complaint from one of our clients. We are a web development company and we had created a website for them. It was a one-time project and we have completed and handed over all the agreed upon deliverables mentioned in our contract. Now the client is complaining that the website does not function properly and their tech team is not able to manage it properly. The billing amount of the project was Rs. 3.15 lakhs. The client is refusing to make the remaining payment and has also made a consumer case against us. What should we do?

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Consumer Complaints can be filed by your consumers if he/ she feels cheated by your company’s product/ services. These could be problems which showed up at the consumer’s end but you as a company might be unaware of at your end. However, it is very important for a business to understand and respond appropriately to such complaint as your business reputation is at stake.

Here are a few things you can do to address consumer complaints:

1)     Understand the complaint and know what exactly the problem is that the consumer faced, what is the resolution they expect, how much is their claim amount and what is your liability in that case.

2)     If the complaint is part of your warranty, reiterate the Warranty Terms & Conditions to the customer and resolve it accordingly.

3)     If you have objections to the complaint or if they seem completely irrational or if the resolution costs are high, seek advice from expert lawyers who can understand your case and guide you better.


Generally, legal defence for consumer complaints are based similar to the following clauses as provided in the Consumer Protection Act, 1986:

·         That the complainant is not a ‘consumer’ as defined in the Act.

·         That the subject of the dispute is civil in nature and is not a consumer grievance.

·         That the court has no jurisdiction, either in terms of amount of claim or in terms of location.

·         That the present complaint is filed after a period of two years and should therefore be dismissed.

·         That the restrictive or unfair trade practice complained of is actually not restrictive or unfair

·         any other relevant clauses


Only a legal expert can help you build strong evidence to defend your company against Consumer Complaint.

 You can read more in our guide about Consumer Cases.

 If you need any legal assistance in this matter, request call back from a legal expert or you can check our other services.

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