Husband not willing to give divorce.

I am a Hindu by religion. I don’t want to live with my husband and want a divorce but my husband is not willing to give divorce. On what grounds can I file for divorce from him?

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As the Hindu Marriage Act, you are entitled to seek divorce on various grounds specified under Sec.13 of the Act. I've reproduced these briefly in simple terms for your convenience as below: - Adultery: if your spouse has voluntarily had sexual intercourse with another person. - Cruelty: if you've been treated with Cruelty (mental and/or physical). - Desertion: if you've been deserted continuously for a period of 2 years or more. - Apostasy: if your spouse has ceased to be a Hindu by conversion. - If your spouse suffers incurably of unsound mind/mental disorder - If your spouse suffers from virulent and incurable form of leprosy - If your spouse suffers from any venereal disease in a communicable form - If your spouse has renounced the world - If your spouse has not been heard of for 7 years. In my opinion, subject to the facts of your marriage, you must consult a lawyer to see what action can be pursued for dissolving your marriage.

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