Single sided divorce

I'm 25 years old and during my college time when I was 21, I did a court marriage with my boyfriend who was 25. This was without our parents approval. Now things are getting messy and he's not ready to leave me but I can't stay with him any longer. Can I get divorce from court alone and without my husband's intervention?

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Getting divorce from husband without his involvement is not possible, irrespective of the personal laws applicable to you. If you are a Hindu you may either file a divorce by mutual consent, if you husband is agreeable to such option or you may file a divorce petition under Section 13 of Hindu Marriage Act. The legal recourse will differ if you belong to a different religion but nonetheless, seeking divorce without involvement of you husband is legally untenable.

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Adv. Parul Sharma

N. K. Sharma & Partners
Santacruz East , Mumbai

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