Sister facing abuse by husband for 5 years

My sister (34 y.o.) has been married for 10 years. Everyday, her husband hits her and abuses her using foul language because she joined a job against his wishes 5 years ago. He forcibly took her debit card and pin, and withdraws her full salary as soon as it is credited. He also deprives her of matrimonial joy. My sister has mentally broken down, and wants to get out of this marriage. But she is not financially independent (i.e. she has no savings). How can she get out of this relationship and restart her life again? Thank you. Priya.

Expert Advice

Your sister can register a complaint under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. She can approach the nearest police station and register her complaint. From the facts mentioned by you, a case of economic abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse is made out against your brother-in-law.

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