What is the easy way to get divorce in India

I have been married for 2 years. We are hindu and live in Mumbai. We had a love marriage. I am the only person working in the family. My husband does not work and only wants to spend time with his friends and give big talks. I have been thinking about divorcing him. What is the easy way to get divorce in India?

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Although your reason for wanting a divorce maybe personally valid, any petition divorce for divorce requires a legal and valid ground. If you both are Hindus, the Hindu Marriage Act shall govern the petition. If not, you will have to file under the Special Marriage Act. The easiest way would be to file a petition for a mutual consent divorce, however both you and your husband must agree to this and draw out the mutual terms. It's best to try and discuss this option with your partner without any room for acrimony or miscommunication. Assuming that your husband has denied divorce/is unapproachable, it's recommended that you consult a lawyer to explore the possibilities of filing a contested petition. Best of luck!

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