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I have signed a 3 yrs bond with a company, which includes 1 yr of training and 2 yrs of service. I have completed 4 months with the company. I am not happy with my work environment and want to quit my job. I had send my resignation letter to HR and replied back that if I break the bond then I have to pay Rs. 3 lakh. I am willing to pay back the salary for 4 months but HR is not accepting. Also my 2 original certificates are with HR. I feel I was cheated into signing the bond. If I leave the job by giving one month notice. Will be there any legal problems for me? Please give me your advice.

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Details about any legal issues can only be understood after perusal of the contract, bond and the letters exchanged. In my opinion, you can address and escalate your concerns to your management and seek redressal in this situation. Management normally has wide discretionary powers to carve exceptions to contractual rules. Alternatively, if your contract has an Arbitral Clause, you can invoke the same to figure out an amicable solution. As mentioned before, any other course of action can only be sought after the details of your situation are understood. I recommend that you consult a lawyer with these details to get more clarity.

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