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I was previously working with another private limited company. I went on 2 months of sick leave for an operation. I did not join the company back. I have not received the exit letter from them. By mistake the company deposited 2 months extra salary in my account. I did not realise it as I was hospitalized during that period. My wife was operating the account and she used the money for my home loan repayment. The company is asking me to refund the extra money, which they paid to me out by error. Can you please advise what should I do? Whether they can do anything legally if I do not refund the extra pay to me?

Expert Advice

I would advise that you should return the money which was wrongly credited to your account. However, if you have some outstanding payments to be received from the Company, you can request them to set-off the same against the wrongly paid money. Please be informed that the Company can initiate legal proceedings if you fail to return the money wrongly credited to your account.

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