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Sir, I am employed by a private company. I have not been paid salary since the last 3 months. Every time I am assured that the salary will be released next month. What is the legal way for me to get my money out from this company? Can I go to a court to get a solution?

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You can refer to your employment contract to understand how you are supposed to be paid. If you are entitled to your salary, and the same is not forthcoming, you can send a legal demand notice for your dues. Depending on the facts of your case and on the response that you may receive from your employer, you may be in a good position to file a petition before the court.

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Adv. Manish Acharya

Andheri , Mumbai

To answer your question better I need additional information regarding the following: 1) Have you made any formal communication to the Company, in this regard, and if so what is their stand on this? 2) Are you still employed with the Company? I advice you to write a formal letter to the HR Department of the Company claiming your dues, also send this via email to the relevant persons in the HR Department of the Company. Try this before proceeding to a legal means of resolving the dispute as you might require some cooperation from the company at the time of leaving the company.

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