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I am only daughter of my father and my parents has died on 2002. They did not prepared any will. Can I claim legally for my father 's property (land) ? Property is on my grand father's name and till now not yet divided .My cousin brother are dividing property now.Legally they can claim my father's share as well or I Have legal right to claim for my father share? My father had a brother (now no more) with three sons. What should be my approach to get my share . Thanks.

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Madam, You being only daughter, you are the rightful owner of your father's share in your grand fathers' property. You on behalf of your father are entitled to 50% share in the property even though the property is standing in your grand father's name. I suggest that if your father has not left any Will then obtain a Succession Certificate from the court. This succession certificate along with an application for entering your name is to be submitted to City Survey Office. It takes around 4-6 months to obtain a Succession certificate. In the meanwhile to protect your interest make an application to City Survey office and sub registrar's office informing them about your interest in the property and record your objection for any subsequent dealing in the property without your consent.

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Dear madam, there is no difference between male and female decedents. Being only daughter you are absolutely entitled for all the assets and properties of your father whether divided or undivided. By law of succession you are class 1 heir and therefore will is not necessary. You can very much share of your father in land which is undivided so far even though it is name of your grandfather. Your counsins cannot grab share of your father. Please make application to concern revenue officer to enter your name as legal heir in 7/12 extract and also application to record your objection to deal with the land. otherwise, it may get sold without your knowledge. your land should be divided in 2 parts, one comes to you and other half goes to 3 cousins.

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