Leave and license agreement registration online

I am looking to make a leave and license agreement for a flat and register it online. What are the pre-requisites that I must keep in mind for online registration and what is the procedure for online registration?

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You can prepare a leave and license agreement on Government of Maharashtra's website ( by using templates provided by therein. The payment of stamp duty and registration fees can be made online. It is essential that all the parties including the witnesses have their Aadhar number (UID Number). The registration process is fairly simple. Once you submit your executed leave and license agreement online, pay stamp duty and registration fees through through GRAS on ( and then you can e-register the agreement on ( from any place convenient to the parties with out going to sub-registrars office. Kindly note that for e-registration you will need, Biometric Device (Thumb Scanner), webcam and Internet explorer 9 & above on your computer. ,

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