Top Employment & Service Lawyers in Mumbai

Employment and service lawyers advise employers on all employee-related legal matters such as appointment, misbehaviour and termination. They also advice employees on issues such as terms of service, service bond, unfair termination of employment, etcetera.

Adv. Priyanka Sinha

Experience of 3.5 years.

Priyanka holds expertise in the fields of dispute resolution, corporate laws, commercial laws and employment laws. ... Read More

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Adv. Priyanka Vilas Pandit

Experience of 6 years.

Hello, I'm a practicing Advocate with focus on Criminal & Family Litigation and I also engage in Cyber Security & Privacy related consulti ... Read More

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Adv. Sanjay Lalit

Experience of 31 years.

27+ years significant experience in Companies Act, Corporate Governance & Finance field with good command on compliance of Corporate Laws an ... Read More

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Adv. Shweta Khanna

Experience of 10 years.

Analytical lawyer with 10 years of experience in a law firm and legal department of a leading Indian corporate. Areas of expertise include c ... Read More

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Adv. Manish G. Varma

Experience of 14 years.

I am Practising Lawyer with over 13 years of Legal Experience in Indian Laws. My work background includes Law Firm experience, Counselling C ... Read More

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Adv. Chaitanya Torgal

Experience of 12 years.

Advocate Chaitanya Torgal is a law professional with over twelve years of experience, with focus areas of practice being labour & industrial ... Read More

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Adv. Deblina Sen

Experience of 10 years.

Advocate Deblina Sen is a specialist in employment and securities law in India and also has rich experience on matters related to general co ... Read More

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Adv. Chirag M. Shah

Experience of 9 years.

I am providing service in the legal field at domestic as well as international level. My prime focus is to simplify the legal complications ... Read More

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Adv. Mohamad Shafiq Shah

Experience of 3 years.

Advocate M. S. Shah has been giving complete legitimate administrations and answers for both people and business elements. He is a talented ... Read More

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