Top Patent, Trade Mark & Copyright (IPR) Lawyers in Mumbai

Patent, Trade Mark & Copyright (IPR) lawyers help inventors, creators and businesses protect their intellectual property in inventions, creative works and trademarks. They assist in registration of intellectual property as well as in taking legal action in case of infringement.

Adv. Roshni Lachhwani

Experience of 1.5 years.

Chosen to be 1 of 50 candidates from the World for the World Intellectual Property Organisation (United Nations Agency for Intellectual Prop ... Read More

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Adv. Shweta Khanna

Experience of 10 years.

Analytical lawyer with 10 years of experience in a law firm and legal department of a leading Indian corporate. Areas of expertise include c ... Read More

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Adv. Manish G. Varma

Experience of 14 years.

I am Practising Lawyer with over 13 years of Legal Experience in Indian Laws. My work background includes Law Firm experience, Counselling C ... Read More

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Adv. Amrut Tigade

Experience of 5 years years.

Advocate Amrut is a general counsel and deals with both family and corporate matters, he comes with an experience of 5 plus years. ... Read More

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Adv. Siddhartha Shah

Experience of 20 years.

Advocate Mr. Siddhartha Shah is founder partner of M/s Siddhartha Shah & Associates is a full service law firm located in Mumbai, India. The ... Read More

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Adv. Mohamad Shafiq Shah

Experience of 3 years.

Advocate M. S. Shah has been giving complete legitimate administrations and answers for both people and business elements. He is a talented ... Read More

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Adv. Aniruddha Pawse

Experience of 15 years.

Advocate Pawse comes with an experience of 15 years and has been dealing effectively with almost all types of legal matters. ... Read More

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