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Divorce can be an emotionally draining decision for a couple.
In 2016, around 22,000 couples in Mumbai alone have filed for divorce showing a 22.125% increase every year since 2010.

We, at MyLegalWork, strive to help you make this process as simple and affordable as possible. During this difficult process, we help you work with expert lawyers who have at-least 4 years of experience in dealing with family and divorce cases. Depending on your exact situation right now we can assure you a simple and affordable separation.

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If both the partners agree for the divorce.

In case both husband and the wife want to separate and begin a new life, you need to apply for a Mutual Consent divorce. Mutual Consent Divorce is the easiest divorce procedure.

How our experts will help you with the Mutual Consent Divorce proceedings:

1. Consultation over call with an expert divorce lawyer.
2. Personal Consultation with chosen expert in office.
3. Drafting of all documents required for divorce.
4. All necessary filings of Motions for Mutual Consent divorce.
5. Delivery of Divorce decree from the concerned court to you.

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If one of the partners doesn’t want divorce.

In case when one of the spouses isn’t ready for divorce, the procedure to be followed to acquire a divorce is known as contested divorce. Under Indian law, there are several specific grounds for such kind of divorce.

How our experts will help you with the Contested Divorce Proceedings.

Consultation over call with up-to three contested divorce matter expert lawyers.

Total Fees Rs 1500/- inclusive of all government fees and taxes.

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How Our Team will Help

Getting a divorce through MyLegalWork gives you the following benefits!

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Dedicated Case Manager

A dedicated manager makes all the follow ups with the lawyer on your behalf and makes sure you get the most out of your money.

Support across 130+ cities in India

We have our experts from across the cities in India, so we have got you covered everywhere!

Experienced and Reliable Pool of Experts.

All our lawyers have significant amount of experience, and a proven track record.

Affordable Pricing

Our technology and innovative processes have made the registration of marriage affordable like never before.

Privacy Assured

We know that divorce is a sensitive matter and all our systems and processes are designed to guarantee you the utmost security of privacy.

Money Back Guarantee

You are protected by MylegalWork’s money back guarantee which ensures your money is safe until your work is done.

Marriage Registration certificate help

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Frequently asked questions:

Q : I do not have a marriage registration certificate. Can I still apply for divorce?
ANS : Yes, you can apply for divorce without having the marriage certificate.

Q : How long will the mutual consent divorce proceedings take?
ANS : It will take from 6-18 months.

Q : How long will the contested divorce proceedings take?
ANS : The timeline for a contested divorce depends on exactly how complicated your case is. It can take anywhere from 2 years to 5-6 years.

Q : Can I marry someone else while my divorce proceedings are pending?
ANS : No you cannot. You have to wait for the court to grant you a divorce decree only then can you remarry. Otherwise you will be committing the offence of Bigamy.

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