Want your clients to pay on time?

Getting paid on time is your legal right.

Do your clients delay payments?

Do your clients refuse payments after the work is half or completely done?

Do your clients offer you things like more exposure, experience, contacts in large companies in place of real money?

If answer to anyone of the following is yes, it is the time to take action for yourself and for your career as a freelancer. Most freelancers found themselves in one of the situations mentioned above one or more times in their career.

Big businesses use sophisticated contracts, experienced lawyers and legal notices to save themselves from such situations.
Now you as a freelancer can also use these methods at a fraction of cost to ensure your client completes payments on time.

Here are three options to make sure your client makes payment:

Sign a contract before starting work.

You can get a contract drafted by a pre-vetted lawyer starting at just Rs 2000/- and can use the same for multiple clients.

Send legal notice for recovery

You can send a legal notice to your client for payment of fee. Professional freelancers say that the chances of recovery of payment increase many fold after a professional legal notice sent through a lawyer. We can send a carefully drafted legal notice on your behalf through our registered expert lawyers and increase your chances of payment. The cost is as low as as 499/-

Get expert legal advice

The third option is to consult a legal expert, a legal expert can educate you about the legal ways in which you can push your client to pay dues, for example you stop the client from using your work until the complete payment is cleared etc. Consult a legal expert now.

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Get paid faster.
Claim what is rightly yours. Get the reliable legal help to ensure you get paid for your hardwork

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